Megha Choudhary’s soon-to-be-released book on ‘Educational System in India’ to be an eye-opener

Meerut-based post-graduate teacher/lecturer Megha Choudhary‘s soon-to-be-released book titled ‘What ails the Educational System in India‘ will not just be an eye-opener, but is also likely to open a can of worms as it contradicts several time-tested concepts used in India.

Speaking to India Scribes TV on phone from Meerut, Megha Choudhary said she is also looking forward to the release of her book, which will probably earn her more brickbats than bouquets for its hard-hitting and explosive content.

Meerut-based PG teacher Megha Choudhary is awaiting the release of her path-breaking book on Educational System in India

According to surveys and reports, India has a gross enrollment rate (GER) of 19 percent. GER or gross enrollment rate represents the number of students that are opting to enroll for higher education after graduating from high school or intermediate.

Says Megha, “This means that in 100 students who finish high school education, only 19 will enroll for higher education.

While this is not just the problem, the main issue is the lack of job-oriented skilled training that students graduating from the current educational system suffer from.  In today’s job market, a stand-alone graduate from any institution in India is unqualified to get a skilled job anywhere in the country and most institutions are working around this problem, albeit without much success.

Besides low-paying routine or run-of-the-mill jobs, an average Indian graduate on a job eligibility scale of 1-100 will not score more than 20-30 points, says Megha Choudhary.

India’s GER is around 6% below the current world average and over 50% below First World countries like the USA, UK and Australia. The government aims to increase this percentage by at least 30 percent before the end of 2020, but the efforts are hardly enough, opines Choudhary.

Before the government can do so, a great deal of critical analysis needs to be done about the importance of education accompanied by the implementation of new rules and regulations that could make the quality of education in India better and more job-oriented, she quips.

Choudhary is not willing to share more details on the contents of the book for now, but says we must read her book, which she has spent over a year researching and analysing other surveys and reports.

We look forward to the book which will be released in August-end or September…

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